COVID-19 Operational Policy


Our priority is first and foremost the safety and well being of our staff,  clients and community that visit us.

After taking into consideration the government advice and listening to the guidance given by both the AOP and APA we have created this ongoing policy to outline how we will be operating for the time being.

Below is an outline of the steps we are taking to make the studios as safe as possible:

Sanitisation and Hygiene

  • Every studio will be sanitised before each hire.
  • During multi-day bookings, the studio will be fogged each evening.
  • Throughout the studios, there is signage, highlighting social distancing rules, good hygiene practices, and advice for those feeling ill.
  • All lighting and equipment will be sanitised after use to be made ready for the next shoot. We only allow sub-hired equipment from Pixi Pixel who have stringent cleaning protocols. Their policy can be found here.
  • The studios and common areas will also be sanitised throughout the day
    concentrating on the most frequently touched areas such as door handles and stair rails.
  • Street will place hand sanitiser around the studio, and we will provide all staff with personal bottles.


  • Following government guidelines, staff will self-isolate if they have had any symptoms of Covid-19 and not attend work.
  • Testing of all staff takes place twice a week.
  • In our attempt to minimise contact between people throughout the day, assistants will only be visiting the studios for essential purposes.
  • We have made provisions so that those that can work from home do.
  • We are providing PPE to all staff members.


  • We ask that both client and staff wear PPE at all times; this includes in the studios and all common areas.
  • We ask that clients provide their own PPE for your shoot; however, we will have items available at cost if needed.
  • Street staff will wear gloves while handling all packages.

Social distancing

  • All personnel on set and throughout the studios must follow NHS social distancing guidelines and maintain a 1 to 2-metre distance from one another.
  • We have introduced capacity limits in the studios to help with this and ask that only vital members of a shoot attend the studios.

Staggered start times and extended hours

  • We will make every attempt to stagger shoot start times to reduce contact. We have introduced staggered shoot start times to minimise mixing between crews. If required, we can also offer extended hours.

Entering and moving around the building

  • We request that clients only leave their studio to collect deliveries or use the bathrooms.


  • We cannot accept deliveries prior to the shoot and we are unable to store anyitems for collection after the shoot.
  • Please ensure that all deliveries are made at either the beginning or end of the day and that nothing is left in the studios after the shoot has finished.
  • Please ensure that someone from your team is contactable by the driver to accept the delivery.
  • There will be a designated drop-off zone in each studio for anything brought to you by our staff.


Our supplier N5 Kitchen is providing individual portions of their fantastic food. You can find out about their rigorous cleanliness measures here. Disposable cutlery will be supplied.

Travel to the studios

  • We encourage all visitors to the studios to avoid public transport if possible.
  • If you have to use public transport, please keep a two-metre distance from other passengers and wear PPE.

Client Responsibilities

  • Submit a risk assessment showing an understanding of our policies, social distancing and government guidelines.
  • Reduce crew numbers to essential personnel only
  • Provide own PPE for crew
  • In line with AOP guidelines we suggest having a member of the crew that is responsible for compliance with policies and government guidelines on set.
  • All members of the crew are to have read and adhere to the AOP Covid-19 Health Statement provided in advance of your shoot.

If you would like to discuss our plan in more detail or have any suggestions on how we can improve it, then please email our MD Alec McGhie at

You can download our policy here